What materials are used for the earrings? 

I use polymer clay to make the main earring, polymer clay is a fabulous material which is great to work with. It is durable once baked however please do not bend pieces and treat with care. The metal I use is gold plated, lead and nickel free both the posts and fixings. On request I can provide silver plated, sterling silver or another metal that is more suitable for you. 

How do I care for my earrings? 

To care for your Bryers Designs earrings is very simple and super important:

  •  To clean your pieces please wipe down gently with water or a unscented baby wipes.
  • Store in a dust free environment, away from direct sunlight. Ideally in a jewellery box or similar.
  • When wearing please avoid contact with liquids - perfume, hair products and the sea. 
  • Please do not wear in the shower. 
  • Over time brass components will naturally tarnish but a little bit of Brasso (or other brass cleaning products/homemade mixes) and a polish will bring these back to life. 

What materials are used for the homewares? 

I use jesmonite to create my homeware collection. Jesmonite is an eco friendly water based resin, it comes in part powder and part liquid. It is then mixed and hand poured into a mould before being sanded and sealed.